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WORCS – Rnd 6 Cedar City, UT

Round 6 for WORCS held at Three Peaks Oasis in Cedar City is now in the books.

It was a wild and crazy week for me! It was the end of year turn-in for my Senior Year at Springville High School making sure that I was walking across the stage getting my diploma. I graduated Wednesday; oh yeah!

Thursday morning I had to get my bike and gear loaded into my truck and head down to Cedar City for the race; over 3 hours of driving. Fortunately my grandpa was already there setting up the camp site because the first practice session was at 7:40 a.m. Friday morning. Sign-ins and practice sign-ups started at 6:30 a.m. Practices were at 7:40, 9:10. 10:35 and then the 30 minute full course at 2:40 p.m. I don’t want to sound negative because I love WORCS but something needs to be fixed with the full course unclassified practices. It is a nightmare! It’s hard to practice when a lot of the beginners are on the same course scared to death of the smallest hill to the front of them. I know time is scarce but just saying it would be nice but I guess that’s probably what the Pros are saying about me, ha, ha.

Saturday Morning-RACE DAY – I entered two classes. The first was the Motocross (MC) 15-24 Sport B Class. This is a tough class for sure. I finished 18th but it was a good race. Three of us did get pushed into a huge mud pit. Me, the bike and everything else was covered in mud. I’m just happy that my bike could still breathe and the radiator didn’t overheat. I love my Yammy!

My second race of the day was the Motocross (MC) 450 B. I felt like I competed pretty good in this race. I made a few mistakes that cost me a top 10. I ended up with an 11th place finish. It was really hot and dusty and you couldn’t even see where you were riding 100% of the time. The bike is running great. The suspension was set just right for the course. I’m lucky I have a great and supportive grandpa that pretty much cleaned every bit of the mud, dirt, dust and grime off of the bike after the muddy first race; thanks Papa. What a difference a few hours and hundreds of riders make on the course. The quads pretty much compact the course and make it a little tricky on some of the lips and tables. But that is what makes it fund and exciting. With school out but still have to work for some money I’ll be able to get some practice and seat time in. Gotta Love It; Right?

Here are some photos of my race:

The next WORCS race is going to be held at a new venue in Vernal, Utah in September. I’ve got the summer to get better and plan on putting in a ton of time and effort. I want to thank everybody for all the help this year. THANK YOU!


I forgot to show my graduation photo from Springville High School with my dad, my grandma & my girlfriend Piper.

1 thought on “WORCS – Rnd 6 Cedar City, UT

  1. Hey Taylor,
    Grandma and I are so very proud of your efforts during your senior year at Springville and of course, you graduating with a smile on your face. To compete in off road motocross racing, finishing homework and schooling, working after school at NAPA, working on your bike, working on your vintage 1985 Dodge 150, working extra on weekends hauling junk and debris for money can only be described as simply amazing. We wish you the greatest of success in the upcoming year in everything you do.
    Love Ya,
    Grandpa and Grandma
    We only wish we could do more.

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