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TUSK throttle tube & Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips

Tusk aluminum Throttle Tube

After my last WORCS race having a DNF because of my Torc1 Racing throttle tube shearing off (I’m not passing blame on any product because I literally really don’t have a clue why it happened) but, I investigated throttle tubes from Rocky Mountain ATV and asked around and came to the conclusion that the Tusk Aluminum Throttle Tube with Bearing was the way to go.

Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips

I guess I’m getting soft hands and not from washing dishes because after my WORCS race at Lake Havasu my hands looked like I worked on a chain gang in prison breaking rocks into smaller rocks. There were blisters under the blisters and yeah, my hands hurt. I figured since I was making a switch to different throttle tube I might as well take this opportunity to change my grips. Okay, Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips sound kind of cushy; right?

Details on the grips from Rocky Mountain ATV

“ProTaper has really figured out how to create comfortable dirt bike grips with the Pillow Tops, but that’s not the only thing to get excited about. The surface compound is tacky and will keep your hand from sliding around on the grip, but the inner compound is also important, keeping the grip firmly in place on the handlebar. The Anti-Rip Tip is a separate compound from the rest of the grip and is designed for off-road rigors and built for longevity.

Aside from vibration reduction, another great thing about the Pillow Top hand grips is that they have a self-cleaning pattern. This means that when you’re getting mud as high as your handlebar, you don’t have to worry about your grips as they’re designed to shed mud. This is a great feature for trail riding, but it’s especially great for MX when you don’t have time to stop and clean your hand grips. The Pillow Top is also a little larger than standard grips. If you have oversized hands, you might find the ProTaper Pillow Top MX grips to be even more comfortable.

When it comes to MX hand grips, ProTaper has a real winner. If you think you’re ready to handle an extra level of comfort on either the MX track or the trail, pick up a set of the ProTaper Pillow Top grips.”

    Okay, sprayed a little hair spray onto the tube, slipped on the new grips and used some aluminum safety wire to cinch them down. I’m ready to go.

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