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Springville, UT High School

A couple of weeks ago me and my team of 3 competitors competed in the Nebo School District Welding Competition. As a senior this year I thought I was ready but they threw stuff at us that we were not ready for. I actually got into an argument with a judge over a perfect weld that he said “it’s too good and you couldn’t have made that weld that good without cheating!” Yeah, right!

Okay, moving on to the Utah State Welding Competition held in Price, Utah. This was big time. They actually told us that we did really good but really good wasn’t good enough. We ended up 4th in state. The competition was amazing with some of the best welders in the state all trying their best to win. Different equipment, different required welds, really intricate and complex welding situations and a really, really, really long day. I ride dirt bikes, go to high school, and work part time at Napa Auto in Springville so I don’t have a welding job like a lot of the other competitors. Springville High School has a fantastic welding instructor, Mr. Brian Ostler and program and I appreciate everything he has taught me.

Brian Ostler
Welding Teacher at Nebo School District
Brian Ostler is a Welding Teacher at Nebo School District based in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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