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YAMAHA bluCRU Demo Days

Oh, yeah, #YAMAHA Demo Days in Mesquite, Nevada. I decided to make the drive from Utah County for some track time and to ride the new 2023 #YAMAHA YZ450F. I’m riding a 2022 right now. BUT, guess what they didn’t have one available; bummer! I really wanted to feel the difference that I heard about but didn’t get a chance. It’s frigid cold in Utah County so I guess since the weather was in the forties and fifties I might as well make the most of it and get some seat time in on the Mesquite MX track. RMX always believes in massive ruts and I need some practice in the deep, deep ruts. I am lucky because grandma and grandpa live in Mesquite so I always have a great place to stay especially because grandma is the best cook alive!

It’s always funny to go to the track and see the riders that feel like every lap is a race and never practice what they are weak in. I wanted to work on my body positioning and control and working the ruts. So, instead of just doing lap after lap I actually will get off the track and re-work the areas that I want to work. I worked inside lines and outside lines; deep ruts inside and deep ruts outside. There is no reason when you’re practicing to please the crowd with jumps. I like that quote about “when life throws you a curve just lean into it and throttle out!” My grandpa was taking the pictures but I think I went a little too far when I roosted him pretty bad on a couple of curves. In his picts you can see the dirt clods hitting him and the cell phone.

I was exhausted after practice. We loaded the bike onto the truck and headed back to grandpa’s. He was tired too. He does a lot of walking trying to get a few pictures around the track. But, he’s grandpa and there’s not a person on the track that he doesn’t try to talk to, ha, ha. Unloaded the bike and it was wash the bike time. Gotter cleaned up; new filter and parked it in the toy hauler for next time.

Oh, I forgot to mention. We picked up a an AKASO BRAVE 7 LE 4K ACTION CAMERA. I’ll have more info on the camera later. I did use it for a while. I used a chest strap-harness because we haven’t figured out how we want it mounted yet. It absolutely takes really clear videos. I’ll post some on a next post.

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