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Moto X Perts – New Suspension Coming soon on my 2022 YAMAHA YZ450F – Oh yeah!

I got my bike back from MotoXperts and they did an amazing job. Can’t wait for my next practice and upcoming race.


Am I excited, oh YEAH! Even though it’s a brand new bike I knew that after my WORCS race in Cedar City something had to be done.

Believe me when I say that not having your bike set up specifically for you can result in some very frustrating rides and I speak from experience, dangerous and hairy situations because of the suspension. Trust me, I have been there. I am guilty of riding a new bike that was not set up for my height, weight and riding style and I suffered the consequences. Manufacturers set up the suspension for a dude that is 100 pounds less than my weight and about a foot shorter; give or take a pound or two and an inch or so. Hey, it definitely was not a pleasurable experience after I ended up on some tight single track trails in Glen Helen, Lake Havasu and this last one in Cedar City. The fact of the matter, now that I ponder it, that was the last time I rode, crashed and burned on a dirt bike; Cedar City. Yep, that’s right, I crashed and burned. Okay, it was my last race at Cedar City at #WORCS and mostly out of sheer frustration and exhaustion from trying to battle the new 450 on some pretty technical sections. I’m calling this seat time experience my “Pre-Moto X Perts” suspension rebuild. Everything will change for me once I climb back on the 450 with a new suspension.

I am also replacing my Torc1Racing bars that got tweaked when I was run off the track.

Stay tuned for my next post riding the Beast of Payson, my 2022 YAMAHA YZ450F purchased from Josh at #Karl Malone Powersports in Hailey, Idaho.

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