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Kade Patten Update

July 11, 2022by Brandon Gerber, Organizer

GoFundMe – Update: Friday July 8

Kade was admitted to Utah Valley Acute Rehab. They will begin intensive physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. His tracheotomy was removed on June 26 however due to the TBI, he had a hard time re-learning how to swallow, which slowed things down a bit. As of yesterday he was finally cleared to have purée food and water (he had been on tube feeding until then). He had been bugging us for a chicken burrito for a week, and he at least got one in blended form! Lol.
His muscle atrophy has left him thin and weak – but now that he gets “real food” we have already seen an improvement to his energy and communication in just a day. He has a very long road ahead for recovery and the time line remains unknown. – It is expected that after 30 days here (due to insurance limits) he will begin outpatient recovery – so We really hope the next 30 days go well. His sense of humor is as good as ever and his long term memory is intact. He knows his family , long time friends, and loves his strong and amazing fiancé, Hannah. He is having a tough time with short term memory, and while there are ways to improve that, the level of recovery is a bit of a mystery. Thank u everyone for your continued love and support! Today is day 44 and this journey is a long one.

GoFundMe – Update: June 10, 2022

by Brandon Gerber, Organizer

Hey everyone! Yesterday was an exciting day, Kade was awake!! He is still in a coma state but was responsive. He was tracking with his eyes and showing some responses. He is on an antibiotic for a

bacterial infection so hoping to get his lungs cleared up some. We know this is a baby step but we will take it. It gave us a boost after several ups and downs. Thanks for all your prayers. Please keep them coming! We are sure these are the first steps In a miraculous recovery! ❤️


I decided to add this to my website in order to try to help Kade. Everything here is simply copied and pasted. Hope that everybody can help him. I raced right behind him at the WORCS race in Cedar City, Utah. It was posted by his friend Brandon Gerber from Utah County as well. He really needs everybody’s help and prayers.

“On Saturday May 28th, Kade Patten was racing his dirt bike in Cedar City, Utah at a Worcs Series race. He was in 6th place when he crashed and was life flighted to St. George Regional Hospital. He has sustained major damage to his brain, and dislocated his neck. He has yet to regain consciousness.

Kade is the co-owner of MKC construction and is an intensely hard worker. He has always been fun-loving and gives everything he does his full effort.

We are hopeful in Kade’s strength to regain consciousness and are so thankful for any help on his behalf. You got this Kade!!


My name is Brandon Gerber. I am from Utah County and I am a close family friend of Kade. Thank you to all who choose to donate to this cause! The funds will be deposited to my personal bank account and I will be writing a check to Kade’s family so they may use the donations to pay for Kade’s medical expenses related to this accident. “


Visit WORCS YouTube and watch this video as ALL proceeds will go directly to his GoFundMe.


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