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Me and My Dirtbike – The Adventure Begins!

 Hi everyone.  Here is a short video showing my dirt bike adventure and how far I’ve come riding.  I hope you enjoy it.  I know that all of the photos aren’t really pro quality but my grandpa and grandma took the pictures with what they had for a camera.  It is still fun to watch.

I’m still trying to work on my fundraiser to help my grandpa and me afford what I love, My Dirt Bike!

Note:  When you donate you don’t have to leave GoFundMe a tip.  Just click zero and it won’t add anything onto the donation.  Anything you do to help goes a long way and thank you so very much if you can help.
Taylor J. Thomas

1 thought on “Me and My Dirtbike – The Adventure Begins!

  1. It has been a blast and a lot of fun watching you grow in this sport. Grandma says she is always afraid that you're going to get hurt. Remember, she watched your dad and uncles playing sports for years and she always thought the same way. I just hope that we can get some financial sponsorships to help out because we know how much you love this sport. So, anybody out there that wants to help out click on his GOFUNDME page link and help the kid out. We all appreciate any help along the way. Lastly, thanks to the already great sponsors that help Taylor.

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