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Just a Teenage MX Rider Covered in MUD!

 I can honestly say that I had one of the most fun days of racing motocross in my life!

Who really trusts the weather stations; right?  It went from it was only going to be partly cloudy with a small chance of rain to, you guessed it, a downpour.  #Mountain West MX Park in Mona and #Utah Moto Co, the race promoter, did an amazing job getting the track ready for the weekend race but neither could have known about the rain.  A big Kudos for the effort; I loved it.

After getting off the track with a great moto you could tell a couple of things.  Number one, I was muddy from head to toe.  My bike was completely covered in mud and by looking at the picture my grandma took I was one happy rider!  Oh, by the way, thanks Papa, for bringing the power washer and taking care of my bike.  He must be crazy but he loves working on the bike at the track.  He says that helping me keeps him in the game and keeps him feeling like he’s helping.  With Grandma taking care of the nutrition and everything else that she always does and Papa taking care of my bike is just another reason I look so happy.

With all of the stress in life from just being a teenager, to money, to hoping to get my truck finished some day, to sad times of having a friend commit suicide the one thing that really, really takes my mind off of it all is being able to ride my Yamaha.  When I’m riding with the wind, rain and today, the mud hitting my face I’m in my own world.  I thank all of the people and companies that have helped me get through some really tough times.  #Asterisk for my knee braces – great guys; that’s for sure.  #Pivotrax Tires – I love riding with my tires from Pivotrax; couldn’t do it without you guys. #O’Neal Riders Support – I’ve tried a few other sets of riding gear but #O’Neal has been the best so far – thanks #OneofUs – Mark.  When my Papa said that we were switching to #Yamaha I couldn’t believe it. He went and bought a brand new 2021 Yamaha YZ250F Monster Edition from #Factory Power Sports in St. George, Utah – I love Yamaha following me when I post on my Instagram – thanks #BluCruOfficial. Then there is #FlowVision Goggles.  Nicholas has been supportive of me from the first set of goggles I got from them.  This race I actually went through about 20 tear offs.  The first moto was so wet and muddy I went to tear off a single one but ended up tearing off over 5 or 6.  My gloves were totally soaked and covered in mud.  I had to race without goggles for over two laps…couldn’t see a thing.  Why can’t #FlowVision come up with a decent goggle windshield wiper with a spray wash feature?  My new #Acerbis plastics took a beating but before every race Papa sprays the plastics with #Maxima SC1 spray which actually helps keep the mud in check and a lot easier to wash off.  I also use the #Maxima Chain Wax (if Maxima reads this I really could use some help with discounting your product).  My bike was really hard to ride because of my weight and height before TJ Bronson from #891 Suspension rebuilt my suspension.  Believe me this has made a ton of difference.  A new product (I’m not sponsored by these guys…yet) is simply amazing; #SLATERSKINS which produces an air box cover for my Yamaha.  I switched over to the #Slaterskin and #NoToil SuperFloKit and immediately felt the power and difference.  Thanks Johnny for a great product.  I highly recommend you look into it if you ride a Yamaha.  Tell him Taylor sent you.  
There are others like all of the people and companies that donated to my GoFundMe page.  Thank you Kate and Chad from  Public Restroom Company for your constant support.  And thank you again, all that donated.  Not coming from a wealthy family or relatives I will tell you right now that every penny really helps.  I apologize if I left somebody out.  
As you probably can tell I’m just a happy kid and teenager right now.  Thanks everybody!!!!  You can follow me on my Instagram page or my Papa’s and Grandma’s Instagram page.  If you can and would like to help me with a donation go to my GoFundMe page.  

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