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#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS – Riding Gear Birthday Present from Grandma & Papa Thomas


What a great birthday present.  My grandma and papa just told me that they ordered new O’Neal riding gear for me for my upcoming birthday.  My gear was getting pretty rough with holes everywhere but I love #O’Neal.  I’ve tried some other gear like Fly (good lightweight gear but doesn’t last very long and expensive with no rider’s support) and MSR (good gear for the money but again wears out pretty fast).  I was going to try #ACERBIS but they told me that they wouldn’t even have an order into the USA until after August.  No problem, O’Neal is great gear and I’m pretty excited for the new color.  A lot of my blog photos were with my older O’Neal Red and Blue and loved it.  Here are photos of the new gear coming.  I’ll post the gear when I get it.  Oh, O’Neal is putting my name and number on the jersey for free.  …LOVE IT. 


#Airwear Freez Vented Jersey Gray/Blue/Red *FREE Jersey print with pant purchase

#Airwear Freez Vented Pant Gray/Blue/Red

#Airwear Glove Gray/Blue/Red


2 thoughts on “#ONEALRIDERS #ONEOFUS – Riding Gear Birthday Present from Grandma & Papa Thomas

  1. WARNING: #O'NEAL makes great riding gear but beware that each will fit differently. Make sure to read everything on their sizing chart as well as on the site when you order the jersey or pants or even their gloves. They have a sizing chart. For a jersey measure just below the arm pits and look up what you measured in inches to see what size jersey you need. Again, read the information for the jersey when you order it. Also be aware that some run tighter than others and if you are wearing #O'Neal's protective armor you may even want to go an extra size larger. Clothes now days are really hard to order if you can't try them on first. Taylor had to re-order the jersey in an XX-Large because the X-Large was too small. Yeah, we had to eat the charge because it had his name and number already printed on the back. Great product; just wished there was a better way to ensure the riding gear fit. This isn't just an O'Neal problem but a problem with all clothing.

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