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Mountain West MX Park Utah Moto Co Race Cancelled! Bummer!


Oh, well, the race just got cancelled but will be rescheduled for either the 19th or 26th of June.

1 thought on “Mountain West MX Park Utah Moto Co Race Cancelled! Bummer!

  1. Unfortunately the race was cancelled due to the track needing some work. I commend Utah Moto Co. and Mountain West MX Park for looking out for the racers but on the other hand they need to ensure that the track is race worthy prior to a couple of days before the race. Plans for travel have to be made. Work schedules are re-arranged. Purchasing of the event tickets and insurance have been completed. By the way GetSpot never returned our emails concerning the cancellation. Note: I noticed on GetSpot Insurance that the location of the event was still in Carbon County and wasn't at the Mountain West MX Park in Mona. Hopefully they will pass on the payment to the next UT Moto Co race. We did note that UT Moto Co. will transfer the event purchases to the next race.

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