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#Daxon Jones – GoFundMe – Trailer, Bike and all his gear stolen.


#Daxon Jones is a super friendly guy who has always been really good to me at the dirt bike races. He was just down in California (home of thieves) trying to qualify for this year’s Loretta Lynn race when his trailer, his Honda 250, and all of his gear was stolen.  I hope they catch the crooks and let us all use them as speed bumps on the track!  Any Gina Broadwell, his aunt, started a fundraiser trying to help him.  GOFUNDME

Gina Broadwell is organizing this fundraiser.

Created 16 hours ago

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My name is Gina Broadwell and I am a super proud aunt to Daxon Jones. I’ve never set up a GoFund before and I know this is a long shot but, I’m reaching out to ask for help on behalf of Daxon. This 18 year old just graduated with HIGH HOPES and BIG GOALS to start the summer qualifying for The Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, formerly the Loretta Lynn Championship.

Dax has been riding for 13 years with the dream to race this race. He has put so much hard work into reaching his racing goals. Over the weekend he raced in California. This morning he woke up to a trailer filled with his racing bike, tools and gear stolen. The trailer that he bought with his own money, the tools that he and his dad used when they worked on his bike and his racing bike… GONE! Somebody had stolen the trailer off the truck and slit the tires to the truck. Dax is heart broken and we are so sad for him. But, he’s not giving up and he’s working to find a way to replace the items that were stolen. With your help we want to help him as well. The next qualifying race is this Thursday. There is not an amount too small, “A little bit of a lot is still a lot.” If you can help us by donating and or sharing this cause we would be so grateful. Thank you with lots of love- TEAM DAXON

Log on and help Daxon out.

4 thoughts on “#Daxon Jones – GoFundMe – Trailer, Bike and all his gear stolen.

  1. OUTRAGIOUS!!!! Taylor was telling me that within minutes the California Thieves had stolen the trailer with everything in it and slashed the truck tires so nobody could follow them. What kind of human beings are out there in today's society? I hope the police have some luck in finding the criminals but in California it's catch and release so nothing will happen. If they are illegals they can't even touch them. Good Luck Daxon. Everybody needs to help this kid out.

  2. Daxon, it is so hard to believe everything was stolen, what a horrible thing to go by through. Hopefully you are closer to finding the people who did this!

    Wishing you luck! Taylor's Grandma

  3. Sometimes in life it appears that maybe something just isn't meant to be. Daxon has had a tough, tough few weeks; that's for sure. After having all of his gear, his bike, his trailer and his tools stolen by some thug in California he gets support and backing from his friends and family. Amazing outpour of kindness helped him race again. But the ugly head of bad luck and fate raised up again and struck this great young man. Unfortunately, Daxon broke his arm in a race. Bad luck; that's a given. But Daxon will be back! I know when Taylor broke his leg he seemed to gain strength and confidence from it. I saw a young man eager to get back on the bike and compete again. I'm sure Daxon has the same grit and fortitude that Taylor has and he'll be back on the bike as soon as the doctors say it's ok. Daxon, you'll be back! Good Luck in your recovery.

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