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Fasst Company Flexx Bars, 891Suspension, PIVOTRAX Tires, Attach Graphics & ACERBIS Plastics :)

A complete makeover was finished on my 2021 Yamaha YZ250F Monster Edition and I’m loving it!  

After breaking my leg I knew that I had to do something with my suspension so I had #891Suspension, #TJBronson rebuild it for a guy my size. It is working out fantastic. 
 Next was a stop at #Fasst Company to pick up the new #Flexx Bars Moto 12° 32″. I was running the bars on my 2017 Honda CRF450R that we just sold so I kind of knew what to expect that they actually worked better on my Yam than on the Honda. Huuuuge difference. I only experience a bit of arm pump when I first started riding and practicing at #Mountain West Motocross Park in #Mona, Utah.  Oh yeah, not to forget my new black #ODI V2 Lock-On Grips.  New bars have to have new grips!
 Of course I had to change the plastics so we installed a complete #ACERBIS plastics kit in all black. It took a while. The rear fender has over 10 bolts and insert washers that had to come out and put back in. Even had to loosen the muffler just to get to two of them. But gotter done! 
When they invented graphics they wanted to screw with people; that’s for sure. I got the complete #Rocky Mountain ATV #Attack Graphics kit for the Yam. Look at them sideways and they’ll get a wrinkle or crease. Don’t even try to move them once they get stuck on. The glue on those things are used on space ships instead of rivets; that’s for sure. The bike is looking good. 
 #PIVOTRAX TIRES!!! I can’t say enough about these tires. I’ve run other tires on the Hondas and then initially the tires that came on the #Yamaha but nothing compares to the way these tires dig in and corner. I absolutely love them and love #PIVOTRAX.  You’re running a great tire until you throw on a pair of these tires.

I wouldn’t even be able to ride without a great pair of #FlowVision Goggles.  I’ll never ever be able to pay back all of the help you’ve given me.  Thanks guys.  And by the way when you’re looking at the #Flow Vision Goggles check out my amazing Helmet and Paint job by #DanFelixDesigns out of Bunkerville, Nevada.

If you know anybody or company that wants to help a kid out check out my GoFundMe page.  Every penny counts.

1 thought on “Fasst Company Flexx Bars, 891Suspension, PIVOTRAX Tires, Attach Graphics & ACERBIS Plastics :)

  1. The bike looks great Taylor. Now it's time to kick up dust up! As Taylor's grandpa I also want to thank all of the sponsors that help Taylor ride and believe me it helps me too. Thanks guys.

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