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Gate Malfunction – Just Another Bad Luck Moment!

 Even though I am still nursing a really sore shoulder strain I just wanted to get back on my bike and put into action what Vince had taught me at SMX Factory School last week.  I knew that I wouldn’t be even close to a hundred-percent but I thought if I rode smart I could finish a couple of motos.

Because of my first couple of days of high school which was mandatory I didn’t get to practice the OHC MX track in Willard, Utah but that was okay.  I didn’t need to trash the shoulder any more than needed.  We found a spot to park the trailer at the very far back of the track under some high voltage power lines so on Saturday morning I could get a couple of times around the track.

As instructed to do so I took it easy taking in and trying to learn the track as much as I possible could with limited time.  

RMX refuses to give us transponders because we are just beginners.  My grandpa and I as well as the other riders don’t feel that’s really right.  They don’t discount our motos.  They don’t give us a break on the price.  We deserve to have the transponder as much as anybody else.  Sure, I’m a beginner but it’s good to know your time splits; right?

The first moto was back to learning.  I took my time wanting to make sure I finished the race.  I took a few hard jolts on the shoulder which really hurt but overall felt pretty good for not racing for what seems likes a long time.

I was pretty excited for the second moto.  I knew now what to expect.  They split the 450 Beginner Class into two with over sixty something riders.  I was put into the second group.  I wasn’t going to go out gangbusters because the shoulder was kind of sore but I felt like I was going to do pretty good.

Prepped the gate; got ready; my best friend Brigham helped me set my hole shot.  I was ready to go.  Good Form! Engine revving; sounds good.  Here I go!  Oh CRAP! The stupid gate malfunctioned.  Everybody was taking off!  I couldn’t!  My gate was still up in the air!  Take a look at the video.  You can see the dog gone stupid gate is still up.  Give me a break; right?

Moto went good though.  Corey Townsend said he thought I finished in the top ten.  Camden Schern’s dad also counted me up there as well.  My grandpa and my friend Brigham counted me as well in the top ten. RMX has kids counting riders.  Go figure; no transponders.  Everybody told them their placing was totally messed up.  I agree.  But I did what I needed to do finish the race; race with good form; don’t lay the bike down; position my body correctly around the corners and through the ruts.  I’m alive to ride another day!

2 thoughts on “Gate Malfunction – Just Another Bad Luck Moment!

  1. I was so proud of you Taylor and it was so much fun for Rudy and I to watch you. Looking forward to the Rupert race and wishing you good luck. Grandma

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