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AWESOME doesn’t even start to describe my day when my grandpa surprised me by taking me to ASTERISK in Corona, California!
I knew that we were going to train tomorrow morning at Glen Helen MX track in San Bernadino but when he pulled up and said that he was going to introduce me to the guys at ASTERISK I was really stoked!  I mean I have looked at their website and knew that they made knee braces for all of the great pros that I have read about like Ken Roczen who rides a Honda like I do but to actually go to the factory that produces the knee brace was amazing.
I’m happy to announce that I’m part of the Asterisk family and will do my best to represent them.  Here is their Facebook Page: 
I was fitted for a pair of the all new Carbon Cell knee brace. Here is information about them: 

“Asterisk Knee Brace is proud to announce the ALL-NEW Carbon Cell 1 (CC1). Our dedication to making the finest quality, fitting and performing knee braces in the world has led us to the design and development of the CC1. The CC1 is manufactured from Military Spec and Aerospace grade carbon fiber prepreg that is made in America, the finest in the world. Our focus during the design and development of the CC1 was making the slimmest, lightest, most comfortable knee brace in the world. We wanted a brace that fit so well on your leg, it looks like it’s painted on, and we hit a home run. At roughly 1lb or 454g (+/-depending on size) per brace, we believe it’s the lightest, best fitting and most comfortable functional knee brace in the world, without sacrificing strength and durability. The CC1 is backed up by a 3-year frame warranty. Asterisk is the inventor of the off the shelf carbon fiber performance knee brace, and in the world of knee protection and bracing, this is a game changer. Undersleeves and Tethers are included.”

Take a look at these amazing braces If you call them tell them Taylor Thomas sent you.

If you possibly can please remember to look at my GoFundMe page and donate if you can.  Every penny actually really, really helps me.


  1. I just want to take this opportunity to thank John and his son for sponsoring Taylor. You do not know how much this means. The leg braces are amazing! Safety means so much in this sport. Thank you again! Debbie Thomas

  2. Okay, he's worn the braces now for a while. Are they worth it? Heck yeah! The braces are amazing! I believe they have already saved his knees on several occasions. Thanks Asterisk.

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