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I was kind of sad to see my bike being sold by my grandpa today but I think the new owner is going to be pretty happy to have it.

He is an older guy who just wanted the bike to ride trails outside of his home in LaVerkin, Utah.  He lives near Zion National Park.  He was telling my grandpa that he can just start the bike and ride into the mountains from his house.

I’m having a tough time trying to raise money to fix my 2017 Honda CRF450R after my last race at Steadmans, in Grantsville, Utah.  It completely self destructed.  My grandpa is retired so he doesn’t have a lot of money so we had to sell the bike in order to get the 2017 fixed and ready to race.

Dixie Powersports is almost done with the repairs; well over $4,000.00.  When the rear hub, rotor, etc. broke apart the chain broke the clutch reserve housing on the case.  I guess that started a chain reaction.  Oil leaked out, case heated up, piston somehow got scratched and needed to be machined, oil pump got sand in it destroying it, left side crank side was broken, rear swingarm broke out two crappy Honda welds, etc., etc. The list was a never ending nightmare!

I missed this weekend’s race up in Rupert, Idaho.  Oh well.

The next race will be at the Cache Valley MX  track in Preston, Idaho.

I’m still trying to raise money on my GoFundMe page if anybody would like to donate.  Every dollar helps me a lot and helps my grandpa too. My GoFundMe page – Please Help.

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