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UGH! Cleaning the Honda

Yesterday I spent hours totally cleaning the bike.  I also cleaned and oiled the air filter.  I did a complete oil change at 208 hours on the bike.  Replaced the oil filter.  The “O” ring was fine so I left the old one in.  I put in over 33 ounces of #Maxima Pro + 10W-40 100% synthetic oil.  Greased the chain and filled the tank with gas.  I was ready for today’s ride @MesquiteMX track in Littlefield.
They had just prepped the track and boy did they water it.  There were still mud puddles on the track at 10:00 am this morning.  A couple of the 65’s and 85’s actually got stuck in the mud and had to have help lifting their bikes out.

And now…back to the pressure washer and clean it again

Waiting to get back on the track.  The mini’s went first, then the pros and advanced riders and then the rest of us.

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