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Go Fund Me for Taylor Thomas

I quit baseball to pursue what truly made me happy and that was Motocross. I am only 15 and can not get a decent paying job to support my racing career. I am trying my best with my grandparents to get to the goals I want of becoming one of the top riders in the sport but I cant find the tree that grows the money, I know every one can not hand out free money but I just ask if you can donate anything it truly helps.
Thanks, Taylor Thomas #741

Go Fund Me for Taylor Thomas      PLEASE NOTE – FYI: If you decide to donate you do not have to tip GoFundMe.  Click on other and put $0 so it doesn’t automatically add an amount.

  1.   Thank you SHANE KOENSE  $50.00 for your generous donation. 🙂  
  2.   Thank you BRIAN DOTY  $25.00 for being my dad’s friend and your donation:)
  3.   Thank you ROSE JOHNSON  $25.00 for being grandma’s friend and your donation. 🙂
  4.   Thank you Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Dennis Thomas $100.00 for helping me:)
  5.   A HUGE thank you to the Schern Family for their $200.00 donation, WOW!
  6.   Thank you Derek Poe $25.00  I appreciate your donation very much.
  7.   Thank you Jen Walker $20.00 I know my grandma appreciates you as well. 🙂

1 thought on “Go Fund Me for Taylor Thomas

  1. As Taylor's Grandpa I also want to thank all of you that donate. You don't know how much this actually helps. Please pass this along to others who can help Taylor reach his goal, his dream.

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