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A little bitty twig was enough to puncture the tire on my grandpa’s Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail and let the air out.  I was happy to see that he had put in a can of tire fix in the tool case so I could at least make it home.

I was staying at grandpa and grandma’s house in Mesquite to help dealing with the loss of a good friend who decided life wasn’t worth living at 15 years old.  Another good friend Piper asked if she could also visit and everybody was good enough to say it was okay.

I asked if I could take out the Arctic Cat to show her the Mesa Top above Mesquite where the American Flag waves in the wind. If you’ve never been to the top you need too; it’s pretty cool.  You can also see all of Virgin Valley from up there.  Anyway, I was on the narrow road/path to the top and another big side-by-side was coming down.  They had nowhere to go with the big drop off on their side of the road.  Since I had the smaller of the two I saw that I could kind of get off the road a little bit easier.  Of course being the good guy always seems to have its pitfalls.  Evidently I rolled over a bush that looks like it maybe had been burned so the branches and twigs hardened more than usual and yes, the twig punctured the brand new month old tire.

We got home okay with the can of fix-it.  Grandpa just told me that he had a plug kit and plugged the hole in the tire and filled it up with air and it’s holding.  Oh well.  🙈🙉🙊

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