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Bad Day and then a Good Day for Riding

The day started out great.  I had an amazing practice riding my 2005 Honda CRF450R.  I was excited on how I was handling the deep ruts through the turns and how I was jumping but then after practice was over I couldn’t get the bike started again.  Bummer!  I was pumped for the race.  Replaced the spark plug.  Cleaned the air filter.  Even tried being pulled behind my grandpa’s JEEP; nothing helped.

Then the guy next to us said that he had a 2017 Honda CRF450R that he had brought to the track to sell.  I don’t have any money and my grandpa is retired on a fixed income as well as my parents don’t have the money to support my new adventure of riding motocross.

My grandpa decided that if we picked up the bike we could go to the bank next week and get a loan that I could pay on for the rest of my teenage life, ugh!  But he came through.  My grandma went to the bank and withdrew the cash.  I love them both even before they decided to help out.

So with the different bike I had to get ready for the race.  Kelly Yancey MX Training Camp was great in preparing me for the hole shot.  This video shows my hole shot and wow, I got away clean and in first around the first corner.

I was doing great until an out of control rider lost it in a rut and jumped out of the rut and slammed into my knee and I flew off the track.  Being a beginner I am riding in the Beginner 450 open class so I’m racing against a bunch of old guys that just don’t care.  I did finish the race.

That was the last RMX Winter Series in Mesquite.

Now my next dilemma.  I’m only 15 and won’t be 16 until June of this year.  AMA won’t let me race my 450.  They changed the rules and you have to be 16 to race the 450.  I’m bigger, taller and heavier than most; 5’11” and about 190 lbs and in ninth grade; a stupid rule.

I have to find a way to borrow a 250 from somebody or I can’t race.  It’s not fair.  There should be exceptions to every rule that doesn’t discriminate.

I sure could use some help, some advice or even a sponsor to let me ride a 250 in the upcoming AMA Mesquite, NV qualifier.

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