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The #Public Restroom Company of Minden, Nevada

2587 Business Pkwy, Minden, NV 89423
Phone And Fax p: 888-888-2060 f: 888-888-1448

I want to thank The #Public Restroom Company for sponsoring me in future motocross.  I wouldn’t be able to keep up with expenses if it wasn’t for a company like this to believe in me and want to promote the youth of our great country in sports, dreams and endeavors.  Thank you again.

A Company Built Around Innovation

#Public Restroom Company was founded by Chuck Kaufman, a public restroom industry forerunner who developed innovative ways to build better restrooms. Chuck’s many breakthrough ideas include proprietary, non-permeable, non-staining, odor-free concrete floors and walls; three levels of design to reduce vandalism; anti-microbial components to protect the public and reduce disease; special design features that consider the personal safety of women, children, and individuals to ensure quick and easy egress in case of intruders; and many, many more industry-leading innovations.

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