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Dear Sponsored Rider/Team,  “THATS ME NOW!”
Congratulations and welcome to our team for the 2019 racing season! We look forward to working with you to make your 2019 race season as successful as possible. Aside from providing you the best aftermarket plastic and offroad accessories for your season, we strive to promote you as a rider through our various forms of Social networks. We want to see you at the track using our products and most importantly, having fun. Tag us in your photos using the hashtags- #acerbisathlete, #acerbis, and #acerbisplastics and you just might find your photo on our Social feeds. 
If you are not already following us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, please cruise over and check out our pages. 
Instagram: @AcerbisUSA
Twitter: @AcerbisUSA
Facebook: Acerbis USA

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