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#RISK RACING – My Very First Sponsor!

Alright, my very first sponsor, #RISK RACING.
RISK RACING is a motocross company dedicated to designing innovative products.  They are passionate about the sport and want to interact with others that have the same passion.  Researched, designed and tested by professionals, their products provide users with functional, innovative solutions.  They are engineered for reliability and performance in demanding environments and used by the best teams in the world.

Follow them on the following social media sites:
Facebook:  /riskracingmotos
Twitter:  @riskracingmoto
Instagram:  @riskracingmoto

1 thought on “#RISK RACING – My Very First Sponsor!

  1. Taylor is working extremely hard to catch up to other riders. As he is finding out money disappears really fast when you get into motocross. If you want to help him out please shoot him an email. I think he almost had an anxiety attack when he got the email from RISK approving him for discounts. He'll never forget that RISK was his first sponsor in supporting him in his endeavors. Thank you RISK

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