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RHINO USA Soft Straps and Harbor Freight Hitch Carrier

Since my grandpa doesn’t have a truck to haul the motorcycle anymore he went out to Harbor Freight and bought a hitch motorcycle carrier which is working out really good.

This motorcycle carrier rack with ramp is built from rugged aluminum to accommodate up to 400 Lbs..  My Honda weighs over 240 lbs filled with gas. The platform easily adjusts to any bike size. Features include a drop-down tire design with a clamp-on device for the front wheel for additional security.  Because the Honda was a little bit longer it didn’t quite fit so we used a drill to drill out the pop rivets on one of the cross pieces, removed a few bolts on the end and slid it right out.  It is still really strong because of the way it is built.

Drop-down tire design plus clamp-on device on front wheel for added security
Platform adjusts to almost any bike
Fits any 2 in. receiver
Includes security pins
400 Lbs. capacity aluminum construction

I am amazed how my Honda CRF450R rides on the back of his Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The next item he bought was from RHINO USA; Soft Loop Straps so I didn’t scratch the handle bars.

These things are great and really help when you’re trying to ratchet down the bike to the hitch carrier.
Soft Loop Straps make the job of securing my Motorcycle with Hook End Tie Straps much easier and safer. These heavy duty Soft Loops wrap around the handlebars or frame of heavy equipment to make a larger, much more secure point where hook end tie down straps can attach and further stabilize your your tie down system. These Rhino Soft Loops have a 10,427 Lbs  Max Break Strength and are 1.7″ x 17″ in size.
Please click here on RHINO USA to make any purchase they have on their site.  Remember, when you follow this link they will give me credit on my account so please make your RHINO USA purchase through me.  I will really appreciate it.  Thanks everybody.

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