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Practicing Jumping

Today at the Mesquite MX Park they watered and prepped the main track.  It was pretty muddy; just muddy. There were a lot of really good riders that showed up from Las Vegas.  KTMs, Yamahas, and Husqvarna and Hondas ranging from built 250s to 450s.  Here is one video:

 The pros kind of chased everybody off the main track so I started practicing on the other sand track.  We saw one of the KTM riders almost killed himself.  He was trying to jump a triple but it sounded like he falsed neutral and when he hit it looked like he slammed on the brakes and flew over the bars head first and when he landed he hit right on his neck.  Pretty scary but he got up with the help of his other friends and walked off the track.  Another guy took his bike back to his truck.

The following video is me practicing a step on, step off. 

Oh, grandpa made me get the power washer out and clean up the bike.  It was covered in mud and so were my boots and gear.  I actually got close to four hours of seat time today.  I’ll be tired and sore later today and tomorrow.

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