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Back to Gramma and Grandpa’s Home in Mesquite, Nevada for some hot summer riding.

 Just got down to Mesquite yesterday, Sunday, August the 4th for a week of riding and learning how to ride.

Monday morning, August 5th was fun.  Five riders about my same age drove up from Overton, Nevada to ride.  A couple of them were amazing riders.

After almost taking a nose dive on a table top I asked one of the better and knowledgeable riders that was running a KTM what to do when that happens.  He told me to seat bounce on the take-off and before you land lean back and pull up on the bike so that the back tire hits first.  When you are learning you can’t be afraid to ask for advice.

I also had a chance to text Conner Moore a sponsored rider about how to get faster.  He said “Lots of seat time and don’t let the bike control you.  Then he said “Don’t coast into turns unless you have a ton of speed coming in.  Don’t chop the throttle.  That’s how you fall.”  Thanks for the advice Conner; I really can use all the advice you can offer.

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